The Weavers of Textile Dreams

Over many years, Mexican culture has been represented by its Mayan ancestry and the culture that blossomed from its roots. When speaking of the Mayan culture, which was one of our earliest civilizations, it is important to speak of the beauty of artistic expression that it has brought to Mexico, both in its traditions and its handmade art.

From the Golden Mayan Civilization from 250 until 900 AD, came the elite practice of rituals that aimed to maintain a cosmic order. Rich accountrements were required to perform cherished ceremonies, including fancy adorned dresses, feathers, jewels and high quality embroidered textiles.

Within ZenSea rooms are enveloped in beautifully, handmade textiles made today by women and men from Chiapas and Oaxaca who continue to recognize the strength hand woven art in our history. ZenSea Villas textiles were specially designed and created in a unique pattern according to the passion we want to display in each room, in a way, to share the open-hearted, love for life culture that we have experienced our whole lives and our personal wish to pass it on to our valuable guests.

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