There are two aspects to the ethos at the heart of the company.

The first one is to provide the best customer service possible. We invest heavily in training our staff and in creating a family culture that grants us the capacity to serve you with colorful happy smiles. For us it is vital to inject our passion for art, property caretaking, attention to details and team motivation in all our staff as well as discreet customer service.

The second one is to generate respectful work relationships with locals (mexican indigenous artesans, designers, carpenters, cooks, honey producers, etc). As a company we honor and respect national traditions and local artesans. At ZenSea Villas we are ambassadors of the Mexican talent, a window into artistic potential and a showcase of local designers and craftsmanship.



Udi Saly


Born and raised along the shores of the Mediterranean, I always derived restorative and peaceful pleasure from the vigor of the sea. It is my pleasure, my focus and my full intention to channel this experience to each and every guest at our villas. Live the dream and feel the energy. Love every moment of your stay.


Lorena Cejudo de Saly


In my opinion, the ultimate experience of a traveler is to get a taste of authentic local culture through local cuisine, products, books, art & textiles while being splendidly pampered by heartwarming native staff. Originally from Mexico City and nomadic in background, it is my intention to invite you to a culture-enriched experience while you sip an ice cold lemon margarita.


Nikki Cooper

Guest Service Manager

It is my pleasure to welcome all our guests; from “Hola” to “Hasta Luego”. Working closely with all the staff to ensure your stay at any of our ZenSea Villas is magical. The paradise of the Mexican Riviera awaits you.


Jose Filemón Chan Pool

Head Chef

Welcome to ZenSea Villas, you can call me José. I became a Chef because ever since I remember I learned that through every meal that I prepare in then kitchen I am able to convey a passion for flavor and beauty. When I prepare a specific dish, I think of others through time-honored culinary experiences. I rejoice when preparing exceptional dishes that restore calmness and well-being to every guest.


Betzabeth Garcia Flores

Accounting Manager

I derive so much joy from working in this fabulous team within this positive environment. My main job is accounting and I find that waking up everyday to generate new ideas and the opportunity to innovate in all areas of the business is a real thrill. I like to make things happen and on my free time I love to be in contact with nature, animals and world travel.


Alfonso Uitzil Rosado

Maintenance Manager

It is my biggest pleasure to provide good service to our guests. I see any request as an opportunity to serve with a big smile of satisfaction. I love what I do. I do a lot of carpentry work, it is a skill I learned years ago in which I can improve upon everyday, it has become a form of meditation and I enjoy it deeply. It will be my honor to serve you.