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More than five months into the state of “pandemic” as defined by the World Health Organization, local state of affairs continue to be under very good control here in Quintana Roo.  In fact, we feel very fortunate and proud of the care we take and the actual result.  Compulsory wearing of face masks is enforced, social distancing is mostly respected, continued disinfection of surfaces at stores yield a safe and calming environment.  All these regulations and actions are combined with open air and temperatures above 25 degrees C – the temperature that “melts” Coronavirus.  Consequently, there are very few active cases in the Riviera Maya – Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  As of the 8th of September 2020, active Covid-19 cases are down from a peak of 550 to current low of 179 cases on the Riviera Maya.  174 Coronavirus deaths were recorded since March.  This within a population of 200,000 residents. Our State is now considered “yellow” in the Coronavirus scale.

At ZenSea Villas we are keeping all the safety protocols demanded by WHO, by our local government as well as all AirBnb precautions. It is safe for you to visit us, request the list of protocols at your discretion. Be well, stay safe.

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